Protect your money, identity, and privacy

Get the habits, skills, and tools to protect yourself online - without becoming a computer geek.

What areas do you focus on?

Anything that threatens your digital sanity, security or privacy!


Keep your money safe while shopping online.


Protect yourself from identity theft.


Stay ahead of the wave of new threats enabled by AI.


Eliminate email exhaustion. Protect the master key to your online identity.


Safeguard your data amid the dominant culture of "privacy not included".


Cure your password headaches and keep the hackers out.


Understand the dark patterns that permeate social media.


You can't be prepared if you don't know what's coming.

What are the benefits?

Conquer fear with confident awareness of what the real dangers are and how to defeat them. Find answers that you can actually understand to extinguish frustration. Be guided, one baby step at a time, and banish overwhelm.

Have you fallen victim to a scam? Had your credit cards stolen? Do you want to make sure it never happens again? The perfect place to start is in the Dojo.

The answer to keeping up with the ever changing digital threats? Developing a security mindset. Understanding the principles hidden in the noise. More than anything else, this is what will keep you safe against any threat you will face.

Plan confidently with my security expertise to achieve your individual priorities. Look just one step ahead, or far into the future - whatever works for you.

For most Dojo members, online security is a necessary evil. We embrace that fact. We teach you quickly and efficiently, and most of all, without boring you to death! We know from experience you will want to dive deeper in some areas. We love it when that happens, and prepare for that exploration as well.

In the world of technology and security products, there has never been more options. But in this sponsor and advertisement driven world, it's harder than ever to know what voice to trust. We help you find the tools that work for you and meet your needs, not ours.

Think about your money and identity like a bank vault. Do you know how well protected it is? What would it take to get through the vault door? Are the outside doors sturdy and equipped with good locks? Motion detectors covering every window? Competent security guards? We will help you find the weak spots in your security.

We provide a safe place, our community forum, for our members to share their security woes and find empathy, support and solutions. It's like Facebook without the noise or manipulation. Find a Protection Partner. Tap into immense power through the collective wisdom of our members.

Do you need a kick in the butt to keep going? Anybody who's ever exercised or played a sport knows we all need it sometimes. But, as with all our services, it's optional. Let us know how often and how hard to kick!

Who are you?

I am a computer geek by profession and hobby.

I have been a professional software developer for over 30 years.

I play video games to stay connected with distant friends and family.

I am obsessed with personal security and privacy.

I am the guy everyone calls when they have computer troubles.

My passion in life is keeping people safe and happy.

Can I Trust You?

I hope you are asking yourself this question.

We don't ask it often enough online these days.

Some of you know me, but many of you don't.

Is it a scam? Are you real? Is this just an AI?

It's hard to trust someone you don't know.

Now more than ever.

This is one of the reasons we've been doing a weekly podcast since February.

You can learn a lot about me by listening.

The 4P Formula: Our Secret Sauce for Leveling Up

There's a lot to unpack in the 4P Formula, but here's a super quick overview to give you an idea.

1 - Principles are the powerful foundation for everything we teach. Learn a solid principle once, apply it over and over.

2 - Priorities. Specifically, your priorities, not ours. We do not take a one size fits all approach.

3 - Plan. We help you plan specific bite size steps that you can take action on, according to your schedule and resources.

4 - Protect. You put your plan into action with the IHP Team to support you.

Protect your money, identity, and privacy

Get the habits, skills, and tools to protect yourself online - without becoming a computer geek.